About Us

Today, the air is seemingly always ringing with the oft spoken words “artificial intelligence”. These words are filled with much promise. They are like strings wrapped around a present. But, what is the present? What challenges and inefficiencies can artificial intelligence solve for your business?

The answer is often not intuitive. Opportunities may be and often are unrealized. If a company cannot see how AI can be applied to their specific needs, then, this knowledge gap is a glass ceiling, a ceiling that bars an organization from deriving substantive benefits.

IntelliClew™ AI meets with prospective clients. Our organization has deep practical experience analyzing customer’s systems. Though our experience is a helpful asset, the sheer depth of IntelliClew’s™ research & development expertise provides us with a robust toolkit of techniques and procedures for dredging up answers, for finding wells in deserts so to speak.

Once systems are analyzed, processes are assessed, inefficiencies identified, and weaknesses are ascertained. Then, we provide insights. These may streamline business processes, remedy inefficiencies, automate problems that consume manpower, or some other need pertinent to your business’ objectives.

A longtime programmer of over fourteen years, Chris Manger, founded IntelliClew™ AI. He spearheaded an effort to discover many applications for artificial intelligence. Upon concluding this initiative, he launched IntelliClew™ AI to solve the needs of businesses. Above all, IntelliClew™ AI’s goal is to dedicate itself to thoroughly understanding, listening, and fulfilling the needs of its clients. We believe this is the key to delivering services of lasting value to your organization.