Intelligent Sales Analysis

Dozens or hundreds of extenuating factors could influence customers’ decisions to buy your products or services. Business owners often rely on their intuition to whittle down large swaths of information to identify key causes of spikes or declines in sales. But, a business may not have the time, wherewithal, or resources to manually comb through hundreds of attributes in a vast expanse of data.

IntelliClew’s™ services will shoulder the heavy lifting that an exhaustive analysis of your data entails. We pinpoint specific factors that influence sales. IntelliClew™ applies mathematical and artificial intelligence based techniques to ferret out those factors that truly influence sales, from those that will not yield fruitful returns. We define and document correlations between causes and effects in your sales volume. IntelliClew™ also ascertains how the interplay of multiple factors together impacts your sales.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning — when it comes to assessing sales — provide much more than statistical analysis. Artificial intelligence can analyze how factors relate to one another; it can offer more powerful fine-grained predictions and solutions.

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