Problem Identification & Fraud Detection

Products can fail to meet quality specifications for the varied reasons mentioned on this page. IntelliClew’s™ artificial intelligence (Neural Net) solutions can solve the problems outlined below.

The examples below are a small fraction of the of quality control problems our organization addresses. A situation may arise where our solution may not fulfill your objectives. You may schedule a free consultation, to see if our services are a match for your needs.

Any of the solutions mentioned below can potentially be integrated with a wide array of devices or systems.

Quality Assurance:

  • Problem #1: Perhaps you produce many products en-masse but some are not up to par with your standards. You wish to pull these products before they are released. But, this is difficult for the following reasons:
    • The number of products is extremely numerous.
    • Each one requires intensive checking and therefore takes up much attention of a worker, which prevents the factory from meeting the quantity it desires to produce.
  • Problem #2: Perhaps product defects are seemingly minute, not discernable with the eyes.
  • Problem #3: Perhaps some products are defective, but your current quality control systems have never encountered this problem before. Therefore, the defective problem product slips through the cracks.
  • Problem #4: There is a variation of a problem you are aware of, but your current systems failed to identify this difference.
  • Problem #5: There is a quality control possible that is impossible to define in words.

The Solution: An IntelliClew™ powered artificial intelligence solution can identify instantly if an item’s quality satisfies the established quality control standards.

Scam & Fraud detection

A high volume of requests can be difficult to monitor for fraud within the time allotted for identification. The bullets to follow are possible issues you may have happened upon:

  • The fraud you are encountering is like a disease with an innumerable number of variations and strains.
  • Perhaps red flags are brief or nearly unobservable or warning signs are faint
  • A set of rules you defined fails to adequately grasp the bounds of the issue.
  • You feel the problem can’t be bottled up and defined with words of any kind.

IntelliClew AI’s artificial intelligence solutions for scams and fraud detection will unveil and expose malicious activities and suspect behaviors.

Anomaly Detection

Perhaps you encounter out-of-the-normal situations that aren’t scams, but need to be recognized and noted for future records. Unusual circumstances you define can be identified. Or, situations where the problem is seemingly invisible, amorphous, since it cannot be defined, can also be detected.