Intelligent Marketing

AI Powered Marketing Insights

Product Recommendations – Recommendation systems are overwhelming prevalent across the major players on Internet – namely Amazon, YouTube, and Google. These companies lean heavily on such systems to identify what products/services are most aptly fitted to the contours of their client’s wants, needs, and interests.

Once these systems identify the most relevant segment of your customer base, you can funnel them to the products/services that best cater to their interests.

Recommendation systems come in many shapes, colors, and sizes so to speak. These systems are in no way confined to only the above-mentioned purposes. Recommendation systems can help with a diverse array of business questions. If you are interested, please contact IntelliClew™ if you would like us to investigate this often-viable solution

IntelliClew™ would be happy to outfit a recommendation system for your business that is tailored to the makeup of your custom base. If you wish to schedule a free consultation, please click here

Customer Retention – Why do some customers consistently return over predictable intervals whereas others veer off?

IntelliClew™ has over ten years experience in e-commerce working on many name brand websites. We slice and dice data in varied ways, so the resulting crosscuts, can show who is staying, who is leaving, and why.

While sound math is required, practical reasoning must be the strings that stitch together the statistical and machine learning models for any solution to have actual practical value. Analysis produces far deeper results than number crunching that does not have thoughtfulness behind it to be a true reflection of the current problem.

Intelligent Marketing, Targeting Prospective Customers – A good leader can feel the pulse of the people, knowing their concerns, their needs. A good marketer can benefit from this uncanny ability to gauge consumers’ interests.

IntelliClew’s™ AI powered customer targeting draws from sales, demographics, web usage, browsing data, preferences, or an admixture of these.

With this wide spectrum of data, advertising and marketing campaigns can hone in on the most appropriate customer group(s).

Customer Segmentation – Customers can potentially come in so many shapes and sizes as varied as a product line itself. How is this so? As we know, there may be many hundred of attributes. Which one(s) of these best define a specific group of customers?

Are your determined customer-groupings reflective of buying trends? Refinements may help your marketing efforts be better attuned to customer needs as they now target more strongly defined groups. Properly defined boundaries between customer groups will better align your marketing efforts with your most relevant customers. Better boundaries also produce stronger product recommendations.

These attributes can be related to sales, demographics, web usage, browsing data, preferences, or a combination thereof. IntelliClew™ AI can help refine how your organization defines customer groupings.

Cause/Effect Analysis – Perhaps hundreds, or maybe thousands of data points influence your marketing campaigns. IntelliClew™ AI’s techniques can sift through a constellation of varied and disparate data points to find only those that exert a sincere impact on your campaigns. We can document and justify those attributes/data-points whose influence on a sales trend can be justified.