Document Based Solutions

Eliminate Administrative Overhead

Your organization may be besieged by a large influx of orders, compliance documents, email, or other communiques that are significant source of administrative overhead. If your organization is under the duress of bureaucratic overload, IntelliClew™ AI’s services may be leveraged to find an automated solution. One that deftly pushes mountains of physical or electronic paperwork aside.

Let’s say orders, hypothetically speaking, fall into different types/categories. Each type needs to be handled in a different fashion.

Whether these orders are written down by hand or are digital, an IntelliClew™ intelligent AI solution can determine which category the order falls into. And, IntelliClew™ can extract the relevant information from the documents.

Perhaps you need to search a wide array of documents on your computer systems (or in paper files) for specific information. IntelliClew™ can accommodate such a request for you. In other words, if you need to find the metaphorical needle in a haystack, IntelliClew™ can help!