Computer Vision

Automated Identification

The bullet points below are situations where artificial intelligence/machine learning can solve particular and pressing business needs. Our computer vision offering is like a Swiss army knife that can be adjusted to the needs of businesses spanning many industries.

Below are specific use cases. Your business problems may be similar to one or more of the following. If so, we would encourage you to schedule a free consultation.

A Few Types of Situations IntelliClew™ can Solve with Computer Vision:

  • Inventory Identification: You have many products, books, documents, or any type of object sitting around, that needs to be identified. However, your company lacks the time to manually record them. Perhaps shipments need to be quickly identified and recorded in your computer system.
  • Part Identification: You are working with a piece of hardware that comes in one hundred varieties. You are looking at a variation of this product, but are not sure which one it is. IntelliClew’s™ computer vision system can potentially identify any variation of any product, not just hardware.
  • Repair Identification: Let’s pretend you have encountered a problem at work, a piece of equipment is broken, but you are not sure what type of repair is needed. IntelliClew’s™ computer vision solution can potentially identify the specific repair that is merited.
  • Type Identification: Let’s say you are a farmer and many of your crops are infected with a disease. Some diseases are of little to no consequences, while others ncessitate concern. Plants with certain, more harmful, diseases must be uprooted. Whereas, those with more benign diseases can be left in the field. Farm hands (or harvesters) are unable to identify if the plant has a disease of greater or lesser seriousness.

    Artificial intelligence aided sofware – within seconds after receiving a picture of the infected plant – can identify the disease, if any, and send an automated response of the findings.
  • Video analysis / Surveillance: Perhaps you have piles of video footage that need be analyzed to see if a person, object, or phrase exists at some point in the film. Maybe you need to find all occurrences of whatever you were looking for in the previous sentence.

With many of the situations mentioned above, an IntelliClew™ artificial intelligence solution for computer vision can make an identification within seconds, and send the answer back to you. If you wish to schedule a free consultation to see if such a solution exists for a facet of your daily operations, please click here.